Our Mission

After Premise Ltd. was formed in 2014, with the firm belief that it was possible to deliver innovative, modern applications without spending a fortune.

Lesley and Brian, our founding directors, had a vision to help businesses to move away from restrictive user licencing and heavy-handed enforcement that is common in enterprise solutions, to a more equitable model where customers only pay when software performs useful work.

We bring a background in developing complex systems for large organisations in a wide range of sectors, as well as working as freelancers and in smaller businesses. We understand the challenges that businesses of all sizes face, whether that’s the need to improve the pace and efficiency of project documentation or balancing the benefits of technology with cost. Our extensive experience means that however your business is structured, we have the platform, knowledge and skills to fully support your project from setting the strategy through to implementation.

At After Premise, we are continually expanding our cloud knowledge. The more we know, the more we can support our clients. We all attend the latest AWS training courses and validate our technical skills and expertise.

Our People

Brian King, Founder of After Premise

Brian King

Brian has over 30 years of experience in IT. He has written a number of successful commercial software products including: Property Asset Management; Help Desk & Support; Content Management & Collaboration. Before helping to found After Premise, he worked for Oracle where he advised some of the world’s largest asset owners and Engineering & Construction businesses on enterprise programme management solutions.

Lesley Vanbeck, Founder of After Premise

Lesley Vanbeck

Lesley is an experienced IT manager used to operating at senior levels. She has demonstrated capability in package integration, software development, supplier and out-sourced services management, user relationship management and service delivery.