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APDocs, branded as INDURASFS has been used in over 35 private sector projects to successfully deliver the Health & Safety files and O&M manuals for projects for major UK organisations.

Peter Bean is the owner of PB Safety Consultancy Ltd – a company that provides file collation services for Health and Safety, and Operation and Maintenance, to construction organisations. His clients build vital distribution infrastructure for some of the UK’s largest brands.

Processing and managing that much documentation comes with its own problems. Many subcontractors need to provide multiple documents and content that is specific to each contract, and that are delivered in one, all-encompassing suite of information. This data allows an owner or occupier to operate their new facility efficiently and safely; late or missing documents can delay project completion, which can come at a cost to everyone involved.

The traditional approach is to appoint a document controller to manage the process, using a software solution licenced by the number of users. This method is expensive, making it unaffordable for all but the largest projects. Most of the UK’s construction projects are missing out on managing this element efficiently and effectively.

But, Peter worked with After Premise to rewrite the rulebook. His new software solution, Indura Safety File System (SFS), is built on After Premise’s APDocs cloud. It uses the very latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology to provide a highly efficient document management system that works for live documents - project tracking, approvals, progress, completion and delays – as well as acting as a checklist for project completion, which can’t be achieved until all of the right documents are in place. Comments, revisions and signoffs are all managed electronically, with a full version history in place behind the completed product. It supports documents in a variety of formats too: Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, photographs, 3D models and more.

Once the project’s signed off, all those vital documents become part of an indexed, searchable repository of information about an entire site, and even multiple sites – with controllable access for as many members of staff who need it. So, if a Facilities Manager needs to gather as much information as possible about a failing pump, all of that pump’s history – installation, sign off, and servicing – is instantly accessible, saving hours of time in searching through separate repositories for disparate information.

It’s all stored on a software platform that contains no permanent servers, which allows for a completely different way of charging customers to use it: you only pay when the solution does useful work. Now any project, of any size, can afford enterprise efficiency.

Additionally, Indura SFS’s advanced automation allows remote monitoring and control, which enables Peter’s small team to achieve so much more than the traditional document controller and, ultimately, cost savings for his clients.

We’re so proud to see the benefits that Peter is getting from using APDocs. This is exactly what it was created for – to allow a business, whatever the size, to manage their key documentation simply and effectively, with a proper automated audit trail and access levels.

It does not need to be difficult; APDocs makes it easy.